Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Man Group - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

(c) Blue Man Group

It was my first time ever seeing a live show. It was by Blue Man Group. Here are some thoughts:

Good: Of the 100 minutes of show, I want to say only some 15 solid minutes were real performance. A display of what you call pure talent. And I demand all those 100 minutes to be like that. Only that part was really good.

Bad: Silly non-verbal jokes, throwing things around at one another and live video taping and all other time-pass activities do not equal to entertainment. Honestly, it just felt like they were trying to pass as much of those 100 minutes as possible without actually doing anything significant. I know they have it in them. Why waste everybody's time then? There were moments during the show where I felt like I could've been doing something better than be there. It was that bad.

Ugly: Reading funny stuff off of an LCD screen called GiPad (giant iPad?) that lasted for more than 50% of the show time. C'mon, I can do that on the computer at home. Don't have to pay for the show tickets to have that kind of entertainment, do I? No originality and that sucked, man. Completely. Yeah. I don't recommend Blue Man Group. Save your money or go spend it else where. I can't believe some people actually pay hundreds of dollars for this? Appalling!

Hopefully, I don't judge all shows from this one. But I'm afraid now.