Thursday, March 16, 2017

Source of our Happiness and Sadness is within Us

Conversations with HP these days have been more philosophical than ever. It's nice because we both get to share the gratefulness for this life and the positive things about it with each other and at the same time, we remind each other that all the not-so-positive parts are like that because we look at them negatively. What we have concluded is that we constantly have to brain-wash ourselves in believing that all the happiness or sadness in this life is because of us only. That there is no other entity / event / person responsible for any hurt / happiness we might be feeling. All of these topics come up when we start talking about sister Shivani and Brahma Kumari lectures. I personally don't have enough time so for me, all the learning and reminding happens through our conversations. So grateful I get to learn about these things today than tomorrow.

I knew that all the answers were within us but knowing that the source of happiness or sadness is all us and only us was a big revelation for me. It is astonishing to know that I am the reason why I am happy or sad or whatever else I might be feeling. The events or experiences could be the initiating points of those, but at the end it is up to me to feel happy or sad about something. The blame game has only single source and that's within us. It is easy to play the victim in any situation but in reality, when the observation starts for the source of the negativity, it is actually inside us. This is all coming after days and weeks and months of these discussions and I am so grateful for them. Wish I had more time to turn that search light inside more often. To find the answers to all those unanswered questions. When and as the answers come about, it all makes me realize how beautiful this life is. So grateful for it and all that is and all that isn't.