Thursday, February 18, 2016

Unanswered questions

I have been pondering so much on the different feelings that one feels.

How is it that doing good to others always feels good and hurting even a tiny bug makes one feel terrible inside? Does everyone feel that?

You see some good thing happening to someone. Does that make you feel happy for them or jealous/half-hearted?

You see someone hurt/sad/upset/behaving badly. Do you feel sorry for them or happy that they are suffering?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words and expressions say more than what one wants to.

Often times, people are very good at acting and can hide the feelings behind their external facade, they can put up a good show, whereas others display it all despite of trying hard to hide it.

The Great one sitting within us watches everything, witnesses all. Nothing is hidden from that entity. Are you being true to that self? Does one ever think about that person? Does one make a conversation with that person? If so, what would that conversation be like? Would it be a chat like one'd have with a good friend over a coffee or a fight one has with a sibling?

Is it only a hurtful action that's considered bad or a hurtful thought also causes the same damage? Or maybe even more? To self or to the other person? Or both?

I sometimes wonder.