Friday, March 28, 2008

Men & Height

What is up with the male population of this planet!? Why can't stand being with a woman who stands taller than them? I have never understood and probably never will. And they say women are hard to understand.. jeez!!!

I got so sick of this one I decided to stop talking about it and just blog it on here. What is it that makes them feel so inferior? Oh boy and the way they lie about it, you'd think they'd get a plastic surgery done if one were available to increase their height even by an inch!!! So what is it??? If someone has an idea, please do shed the light!

*shaking head in disbelief*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sourdough Bread

This is probably the best thing that happened to San Francisco. Well, may be not... ;-) but this bread is out of this world and you just gotta try it, if you still haven't done so and if you can get your hands on it. I've been eating it for more than a dozen years of my life but never appreciated it as much as I do now. It's awesomeeeee!!! Remember, next time you are in or around San Francisco, you just gotta try some SF signature sourdough bread.

Here are some of my favorite bakery locations (in random order) that sell sourdough breads:
  • Boudin Bakery
  • Le Boulanger
  • Panera Bread

    If you know of any other US or international locations that are your favorite ones, please do share!!!
  • Monday, March 24, 2008

    Old Friends & Birthdays

    Remember while growing up you promised each other you will keep in touch? Then life happens and you lose touch with those friends that you once shared all of your life with... then you remember them and even more when it's their birthday and wish you still knew where they were and how they were. You wonder whether they still remember you or not for all those special times of childhood you spent together. But in life you can only have so much len-den (give & take) with everyone you meet - can't take any more or less than what we truly deserve. Such is life!

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Random thoughts

    Right now I don't feel like working at all
    Thoughts in my head going off like bouncy ball
    My to-do list is growing fat and very tall
    I want to jump off a cliff and not fall.

    They say any kind of change is good
    But what if it doesn't straighten your mood?
    I say it will teach you to remove that hood
    So eventually you can move from where you once stood.

    I write in English when I'm mad
    If you didn't know, check all I've said
    I guess this language is fine, just a tad
    But oh my! this poetry sucks real bad!

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Ripping off that band aid

    Ever since you're young, you are told and taught that anything painful should be done quickly so that the pain doesn't last longer. It's when you are young and you fall and scratch your knee or elbow and a band aid is put on there to sooth the pain. Later on, the band aid that was there to help protect the wound has to be removed. They teach you to rip it off quickly rather than to remove it slowly just because it might be too painful to let go of that cushion, that comfort. Life is like that too, sometimes. You have to do the quick painful things to let go of those comforts, sometimes for the good.