Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random thoughts

Right now I don't feel like working at all
Thoughts in my head going off like bouncy ball
My to-do list is growing fat and very tall
I want to jump off a cliff and not fall.

They say any kind of change is good
But what if it doesn't straighten your mood?
I say it will teach you to remove that hood
So eventually you can move from where you once stood.

I write in English when I'm mad
If you didn't know, check all I've said
I guess this language is fine, just a tad
But oh my! this poetry sucks real bad!


chinmai said...

hehe.. nice effort .. :) so ru back ? i was waiting for u in bbay

Soham Shah said...

I too started my own blog…

Plz do visit it some time and post ur valuable comments on it..After all u r one of the inspirationall souls for me !!!



Jigar said...

good one... but it doesn't suck that much...

Kanan said...

Hi Chinmai, thanks! yup back to normal rut and happy about it. ;)

Thank you, Soham. Will check out your blog too.

Jigar, that's nice of you to say that. :) thanks!