Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018

What an exciting morning! Feeling truly blessed to be in a geographical area where this was going to be visible. Thanks to NASA, I had already put alarms for various times for this morning. So I was up by 3:45 am (woke up three times before that just out of sheer excitement) and got outside with my camera and tripod, which I had already setup the night before. By the time I was out there, it had already started! The eclipse that is; and it was nothing short of extraordinary.

This one is taken around 4:10 am. It’s getting darker (and colder! brrr) by the minute.

By 4:40ish it’s already turning a darker shade of red.

And the crimson glow at totality (around 5:29 am) looked something like this:

The stars surrounding the moon began to show up and the moon itself went almost invisible to the naked eye. It was an incredible view! Staying out there for over two hours in 43 degrees F was numbing to the toes and fingers and the camera and I got a nice drizzle of the morning dew on us that required both of us to get thawed once indoors, but all of that was totally worth it for this phenomenal event that hasn’t occurred in last 150 years. Looking forward to the next Super Blue Blood Moon in 2037!

Here’s a glimpse of blue moonrise from this beautiful evening of January 31, 2018:

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