Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Entry for September 12, 2006

So I've joined Orkut recently, and I was just searching for some old classmates from 4th standard in I.B.Patel English School. Guess what!? I did find one of them and I was so happy to find out she was the same person. It has been great to run down the memory lane and remember those good ol' days! I was surprised myself to be able to remember at least 10-12 other names of students and a few teachers also.

It is strange how some of the friends whom we thought to be in touch with for our entire lives go away from our lives because of reasons known or unknown; Then there are some we meet after say 20 years and they still remember us.

Two years back at Navratri garba, I saw someone that I remembered was probably in my elementary school. I walked upto her, and asked her if she ever lived in that city and went to that school? And to my surprise, she indeed went to that same school and was one year senior to me. Eventually I found out she was friends with my friend's elder sister. Of course she did not remember me but did remember her friend and her younger sister.

Then there a few years back, I was searching for the girl who lived next door from me. I sent emails to all the girls (with same fullname has hers) I found on a search engine. One of them replied back saying she was the one but didn't remember and when I told her more about all of those times we had spent together - fighting, studying and playing together she remembered it all. It was amazing!

How some people's faces and memories just become part of us, and stay with us for years and years, subconsciously... for rest of our lives.

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