Sunday, December 10, 2006


Many a times I get in these philosophical moods where I question things; questions that I don't get a satisfactory answer for. Today someone stole my "dandiya" made of "sankheda". I know it is material thing, and I do believe in the saying about we can only have something when we truely deserve it but this time it made me think. Why do people steal? We were at this Indian party where we were supposed to bring dandiya with us because there was going to be garba after dinner. Right after the garba was over, people were busy drinking water and catching their breath and I also went to get some water and by the time I come back... my dandiya are gone! How can people steal something that doesn't belong to them? Don't they feel guilty? What do they think when they steal? I wonder. It just makes me think... it is these people that give Indians a bad name. Next time I am at an Indian party, I will make sure I don't leave my belongings on that chair that sits in a corner. And to think... I was surprised when my friend in New Jersey told me shoes get stolen in temples there!

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