Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What if Gmail had been Designed by Microsoft?

My first reaction would be "OH NO!" but then again this one was a fun read! ;)


And some very helpful tips and lessons for good UI for folks whose creativity actually affects the UI designs.


Bhavesh said...

Hilarious indeed :) by far gmail is the best in the market today. yahoo sucks for allowing so much garbage to land into the inbox so does hotmail.

Jigar said...

this one is really cool... ya the combination is totally perfact.

Kanan said...

Bhavesh, have you upgraded to Yahoo Mail Beta already? It's much better and mine doesn't send too much junk in inbox actually. I am a Yahoo! fan :D Gmail is better than hotmail of course but can't beat Yahoo! ;)

Right, Jigar. That's what someone said in their comments, that the combination looked like Yahoo! mail.