Friday, January 09, 2009

"Hum hai raahi pyaar ke... phir milenge... chalte chalte..."

What? You still haven't heard that dialog? Go watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, right now!

I really enjoyed watching this film despite of it being so bad like almost everyone says. It's one of those movies that falls under it-is-so-pathetic-i-love-it category. There's quite a lot of nice things in this one and one just has to sit there and ponder upon them before moving on to the next scene. What did I like about it? Here goes:

  1. First and foremost, SRK's acting. This man's work just gets better with time, I think. I used to not like him as much but eventually have grown to like him for who he is on-screen and off-screen. SRK truly rocks!
  2. How Surinder and Bobby love each other and would do anything for each other... their friendship is so close, they even say "I love you" to each other!! If you are a man, it takes guts to say "I love you" to another man.
  3. The music, because it includes songs such as "haule haule" and "phir milenge... chalte chalte". I like the others too but these two are more fun songs than the others. And I totally adore the background music by Salim-Sulaiman. "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai" is one of those that you start liking after listening to it like a gazillion times and Sunidhi is awesome is "dance pe chance" though I admit I don't understand all of the lyrics but Labh Januja's voice haunts me day and night, in a good way of course.
  4. How in the first half you just keep laughing at almost everything about Surinder - the way he combs his hair, the way he walks, the way he dresses, the way he receives phone calls at work, the way he talks to himself, just about everything he does.
  5. The mucchad, chashmish, shy, quiet, innocent, adorable, pure-at-heart Suri.
  6. How this movie reminds me of good ol' Golmaal. There are so many similarities, it's unbelievable. (1) our hero has the mooch-munda and mucchad versions!! (2) one super cool alter ego and the other "mucchad buddhu" like how Urmila would call him (3) the heroine falls in love with the "luccha lafanga" hero and hates the seedha-sada hero (4) the dad loves the "mucchad buddhu" but the daughter doesn't (5) the sidekick of the hero - Deven vs. Bobby (6) the cool hero gives lessons (study vs. dance) to the heroine (7) the frustration that our hero goes through... I am sure there's more to add to this list.
  7. How Suri says on phone: "Punjab Power... lighting up your life ji".
  8. How the movie shows that it's the nice little things, little acts of showing our consideration towards the others that wins people's hearts.
  9. How simplicity is portrayed along with the theme that God is great and that no matter what the end result is in His hands for everything.
  10. Did I already say SRK's acting? Yeah, during scenes like Taani walks in and he's working on laptop and gets up all of a sudden only to realize he has the string of his pen-drive around his neck, his fight with the sumo wrestler, how he tries to hide his brand new wedding, how he requests Taani to come out and greet his coworkers, how he accepts the lack of love from Taani and continues to love her and be nice to her.

Btw, this becomes the first movie ever that I watched in theater TWICE! :D

So now you know what to do, right? If you haven't seen this one already, it's totally worth a watch. Mostly because you won't need to use your brains. ;) Enjoy!


Urv said...

I don know but I had to try a lot to like the movie.. SRK is a very good actor but somehow in this one, I found his acting a lil artficial.. dunno..

and haan yaar.. what u said about Golmaal is true.. nai.. :) eeeeeeeesssshhhhhhh :)

Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

Yess movie is really good nd excellent time pass ... But again had to see that same old SRK :-( No change .

A said...

Well, Thanks for the review. Wifey has gone back to her parents place for a fortnight. So I am on my own enjoying the good ol bachelorhood. I would have seen the movie long back but for the wifey.. So heres me making the most of my sunday tomorrow and watching back to back RNBDJ and Ghajini :)

Kanan said...

Urv, shu yaar aavu? How can you not like such a silly movie of SRK? :P I loved it for that same reason. eeesh! :D

Jaydip, may be you're right but I think it was a total no-brainer and that made it a fun watch. Nothing to make you cry or feel heavy-hearted about this one.

A, good for you. Do share how you liked them. I am sure for RNBDJ it very well might be the same reaction as general public. ;) I won't blame you. How's Ghajini? Hope you made the most of the bachelorhood time. ;)

Urv said...

I think the last time I likes SRK in a movie was in Swades :P

PS: I also have a blog!!! :P :P :P

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Kanan said...

Urv, I too love Swades. But how insensitive of you; Just so you know, you're missing out on good quality Bollywood stuff. :P

PPS: I also have a blog!!! :P :P :P

shahrukh12345, oh thanks for stopping by with all the info. It is much appreciated.