Monday, January 11, 2010

All in day's work

Now the bay area has it's own desi music radio station. Yup, it's KLOK 1170 AM!

I feel so excited every time I listen to it, specially Seema's rush-hour radio program On Air Dil Se (or ONiyeDilSe like she says ;)).

So a couple of weeks back, she had a question for the listeners: "what is a place to meet new people in the bay area?"

In response to this, a super-hyper guy calls in to the radio station to Seema and tries to make a cheesy conversation while line-maarofying little bit here and there and tells her: "people should go to Bharat Bazaar if they want to meet new people! I met this girl there and she was really good."

To this, Seema is chuckling/smiling and feeling funny, still listening to the talks of this guy who just refuses to stop talking. (I guess he was drunk when he called) So Seema tries to complete the conversation by thanking him and plays akeli na bazaar jaaya karo, nazar lag jaayegi...

As the song starts playing, she turns down the volume and adds: "aur agar akele jaaye to Bharat Bazaar jaaye... *chuckle* *chuckle*"


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