Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random thoughts - "sorry"s & "thank you"s

I wonder what goes in the brains of people who can't say "thank you" or "sorry" when appropriate. Especially "thank you". Are they really like that? How hard is it to say to someone that you're grateful to them when they do something, anything for you? May be these people think they're overdoing it? And that might reduce the value of it? But does it really reduce the value of it? It's difficult to understand.

As for the "sorry"s, I am reminded of the dialog from Munnabhai where Gandhiji says to Bhai how slapping someone is so easy, but to apologize for something we've done needs good amount of courage.

I'm reminded of a proverb in Sanskrit: वचनेषु किम् दरिद्रता
It means: why the poverty in speech? Why not be generous when saying (good/nice) things? Indeed, it's not worth being so (poor).


S-n-E-h-A-l = SEA = WIDE = OPEN = DEEP said...

About "Thank You", maybe people are sometimes shy to say it...But in any case, its really powerful word...One should always reflect the gratefulness in words...Its so powerful medium which motivates the other person to do something for you once again when needed...But at the same time not expressing it might hurt someone to the core that the other person will think twice before helping you or doing something for you...About "Sorry", people don't say it often because it requires courage to say sorry to someone, and not everyone has it. Sorry is a word that mends not only broken bonds but also broken hearts. The word "Sorry", if said from the bottom of the heart, cleanse the soul...

Nice to see you still writing...Keep it up...

P.S.:How is life treating you? Where are you and how is your work going on? (too many questions... :P )

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, sorry or thank you do not mean much once time has passed. They need to be said at the right time, otherwise they do not mean anything. They can touch to the deepest spot in heart. Funny, littlest things sometimes mean so much. and Biggest thing sometimes mean nothing anymore after time has passed. That's whats called life. That's why i often say 'life is interesting'.

Kanan said...

Snehal, hey! how are ya? Nice to hear from you. I guess some people are shy. Loved that last line of yours about cleansing of the soul.

Thoughts have been blocked since a while. I'm trying to get them unblocked but it's a matter of time, I am thinking. Life is good and work is usual. For now, it's like no news is good news. How are you doing? Still in A'bad?

Anonymous, thanks for the comment. Interesting comment and life too. But don't you think that if someone said that "sorry" or "thank you" even after a while, that it was better than not saying it at all?