Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping busy & Happy birthday to Big B!

It's Amitabh Bachchan's birthday today and again after a long while I ended up on his blog. One of the reasons why I love to read his writing is because of the way he writes. It is so fluid and takes me with it as I go from line to line, from thought to thought. I wish I kept a log of my daily thoughts like that. Another thing I love about the contents is how positive it is most of the time and how it impacts my mood. May be I am biased. I don't know. The reason why I wanted to put this in a post is because while I was browsing the posts, I stumbled upon this really thought-provoking paragraph. Here it is:

Its been a day when I often wonder what others do to keep themselves occupied. To me it has been one of great despair. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and having just no desire at all to do something. Yes there is work pending and hundreds of important issues to tackle and resolve, but the strange thing is that when you have the time, it isn’t time and when you do not, then you do. Which is why they say when you wish something to be done, give it to the person who is most busy for that shall guarantee that it shall be done. I was not busy today and so nothing was done !


It made me think how true it is and may be because I can relate to it. This post is a reminder to self to try to be busy as he says in there, to be the person who gets things done. I think it's hard but doable.

Happy Birthday to you, Resp. Amitji! May God bless you.

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