Thursday, March 15, 2012

BLAH is what BLAH does...

You can put any of your favorite words in place of BLAH and it would work.

So after all these many months and weeks, you wonder... where does bachelor Ben Flajnik draw a line? Well, the thing is, he doesn't!

I think I have finally seen a man who can be categorized into a woman because you just can't tell what he wants. Until the end that is, on March 12th. By then it was all down the drain. I was like gimme back my 30+ hours spent on this crap and more. But ah well, that's what you get for getting too much entertained. Many people thought this was all planned, I say that's how they made it look like. May be Courtney wasn't as bad as she was portrayed through out. Cause I mean c'mon, the girl wouldn't come to say sorry in the women tell all episode, would she? I mean, remember the b*tchy gal that fought with that brainy PhD student Emily and called other girls names? That just wasn't the same gal as the one who showed up on the show to meet Chris Harrison and the one who broke down in tears and actually said sorry to everyone?? Looking in the eyes?? I just don't believe that. But as Reality Steve and his readers point out, the dude here isn't thinking or may be thinking with different organs. And to think some of the girls actually stayed behind to watch all of this? That too till the end?? Oh myyyyy goodness! I'm looking at you, Ms. Lindzi. But then I think she probably just wanted to tour Switzerland while she was still at it and not let that opportunity go. Why else would she still be there and just walk away when Ben said that all of a sudden now he was only in love with just one woman where he actually admitted multiple times that he was indeed in love with both of these women? All along as the show went on from one episode to the other, I hoped that some of the girls would just abandon the show and get outta there. That'd have taught some lessons to those who needed them. Badly.

And were Ben's sister and mother NOT thinking? I don't want to use harsh words here but I was stumped, I mean like really STUMPED!! What the heck!! First, they both agreed. "Beauty is skin deep", "red flags", "not getting along with other ladies" and what not and all of a sudden, both of them turn tables and are on Courtney's side. How? Why? When? I got no answers.

Did you actually see in the end that Ben and Courtney had broken up during the time the show aired and just in less than 10 mins they're back together and he's putting on the engagement ring back on her finger? What the? Makes no sense. It's not even filmi any more because then at least the mystery gets resolved at the end and you don't feel like you wasted your time and money.

Oh well, I got more but I'll get that off some other time. Until then.. to more red roses!

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