Monday, April 02, 2012

Why isn't there a license for parenting?

I think there should be one.

Reasons: being brainstormed.

Updated: 2012-06-12

Who is accountable for things like these?

- kids who attempt or committed a suicide
- kids who run away from home (doesn't matter for what)
- kids who are never taught about how to be polite, considerate or respectful
- kids who don't study, drop out of school
- kids who kill or hurt others or themselves
- kids who get abused by others (parents do get an opportunity to train the kids about how to face such  situations)
- kids who turn obese or don't care for their diet or living style

As you'd probably imagine, the list continues.

Some of the things that I don't understand are:

When a parent does not have time to do things, such as having a meal on time, for themselves, why would they even choose to have kids in the first place and ruin another human being's life by doing so by not paying enough attention to them?

For owning a gun you need license because the gun has a power to hurt or kill someone. For a drivers license, the same rule applies as you as a driver have an ability to misuse the power of driving. Shouldn't the same be applicable to a child? That kid would have a power to hurt or kill someone, if not trained correctly.

Even a thing such as a marriage needs a license, then why not parenting?

And why do so many others need to suffer from bad parenting of one/two people?

So why aren't there rules or licensing for parenting?

Enlighten me, if you can.


Meera said...

:) that's my line! lol

Kanan said...

Meera, I know.. ;) I stole it. :P