Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Why do we keep relationships?

This is about all the relationships, not just the kind couples have.

Yesterday, I heard a quote that said something like "you keep relationships (with them) for your kids could have relationships with their kids 50 years later." It was quite a thought provoking sentence. It made me think. It's funny bathrooms are the places where the thought process actually moves forward and makes significant process. Things are much clearer when the steamy fog clears up. May be because it's the only time these days we have with ourselves. Or I should say I have. It's good and bad. But that's a thought for another day.

I was thinking about relationships. We keep them because we want to. It's same as in a marriage. You know how they say you have to work at it. Every single day. All the relationships are the same, not just the marriage. At least in my opinion. You work at each and every single relationship of yours because you want to. For today, tomorrow and for 50 years later. Regardless of the age of the opposite person. The storm in my head still continues...

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