Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hiking the Dish Trail at Stanford

This weekend's hike was at The Dish in Stanford, CA.

Hiking up the trail at The Dish @ Stanford

This was my first time hiking at the place so I had no idea what to expect except for the reviews I had read on yelp. It turned out to be a perfect combination of moderately strenuous hike and what I call a photographer's heaven (I think that was more because of being there earlier in the morning ;)). We got there around 7:40ish and waited for our friend to arrive. Once all were there, we started the hike around 8:05 am and got back to the parking area around 9:22 am. It's a 4-mile trail and initial 0.5 mile are the most strenuous. Rest of the trail is pretty leveled in terms of elevation change. It's a very beautiful trail and I hope I get to do it again around sunset time. Saturday morning was so thick with fog that I had a hard time seeing anything beyond 30 ft while I drove to Stanford only to realize that even the trail was covered in misty fog. The fog added so much more different kind of beauty to the trail. I got hollers from my buddies to keep up with the hike because I was getting too distracted by the scenery and was taking longer time shooting photos. ;)

Hikers, Morning silhouette

Right at the entrance we had read a warning that coyotes had been sighted around the trail area so we were hoping we'd run into one. Well, guess what! We did actually run into one. Poor thing look very frail, starved, and ugly. However, it was great to see wildlife and that made it just more exciting.

I think I went crazy with silhouettes that morning. I have never been so excited to shoot against the light as I was then. Wow! What incredible views were there at every step and every curve.

Trees on trail at sunrise

For a glimpse of the trail as my Nikon D5000 saw, click here -->

If you're going, check out these sites for good info about the trail and the Dish:

Hike date: Saturday, January 4th, 2014
Accompanied by: RP, VNP, Nikon D5000

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