Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Building tolerance when needed

When new year starts, mind feels quite busy often as it is a time to look back and summarize the experiences and ponder on what all has been learned in the past year with all experiences.

Best moments are the ones where you connect with loved ones to talk about philosophical things and realities of life, despite of them being not so pleasant, when we experience positive things. Down moments are the ones filled with disappointments; disappointments because of unpleasant experiences, because of unpleasant interactions, unpleasant people. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the expectations are contributor for that. May be so. Regardless, these sour experiences or moments have started to become lessons-learned than disappointments. Only gradually though. Thanks to loved ones for sending tons of reminders. One of the positive things that has barely started is the transformation to start listening to positive things, see more positive things, or rather see the negatives as positives. HP often reminds me of these things. Hope I can listen to more of BK speeches. Here's one of them that has come to rescue on time recently. What an amazing thought: "If we could look into the heart of the other person and know the journey of what they have gone through e'd become more tolerant, more kind, more generous and we would care more".

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