Monday, August 21, 2006


I have been pondering...
What is it that makes us expect? Expect from ourselves, from others around us। Is it an internal force or external? Why do we expect things when we know our expectations are not going to meet? If expectation is not met, there might be disappointment associated with it. Practice and practical approach to situations and circumstances might help with reducing the expectations. It is a settlement between the reality and what our mind/heart wishes. Do we expect more from those who do too much? I'd think so, at least personal experience makes me say so. It is not logical to give up on expectations entirely since they help us make progress in life also - specially expectations from ourselves. Where to draw the line and tell ourselves - that's enough! Or when to tell ourselves - it's okay that's life we can't continue to expect from others. When we consider others' situation from their point of view is when we realize what constraints others might have in their lives. It is very difficult to think about others when we are only thinking about ourselves. The key is to get out of our mindset and think from their point of view. Think of how their priorities might be different than ours. Personal experiences conclude it takes great deal of practice to learn to not expect too much from others, for our own happiness and satisfaction.

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