Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time Management

How we see it?



Time as the enemy Time as a resource
Not enough time to work and the responsibility of the family Not very concerned with balancing the responsibility
Overwhelmed, stressed and guilty Stressed
Guilty when you say "no" Don’t have time to do everything
Need to do most things perfectly Don’t have time to do everything

Perfectionist: Work, home, car, closets, children, garage

5 biggest time wasters: Telephone, Email, Communication, Meetings, Organization

Embrace vs. Tackle

Comprehend Football Play
Hug Attack
Adopt Aggress
Inclusion Lineman

Take a break

· Break away physically for give minutes
· Break away emotionally for five minutes
· Positive action statements
· Write down priorities
· Use month-at-a-glance calendar

Find your peak time!

Circadian Rhythm

Physical cycle
takes 23 days to complete and controls energy, coordination and resistance to change, and other physical points.
Emotional cycle is 28 days and tied to creativity, mental health and temperament.
Intellectual cycle takes 33 days to complete and regulates memory, alertness and other intellectual pursuits.


· Subconscious mind believes whatever you think to be true
· Change internal perception/talk
· Positive attracts positive
· Negative attracts negative

Creating more energy

· Understand the need for control
o Fear: will lose job, professional standing, family, home
o Guilt: unreasonable demands of not being perfect, not being able to do everything
· Ask for help
o Fear of seeming incompetent
o The dislike of infringing on other’s time
o Fear of neglect
o The belief that a job requires specific knowledge and experience
o Ego involvement with the task
· Delegate
o No man is an island and no woman can do it all herself
o Critical for growth, success and sanity
· Procrastination => stress
· Stress => Burn-out
· Burn-out => Depression

Nurturing you

· Treat yourself to a Saturday salon day
· Cuddle up with a good book & herbal tea
· Go out with a fun friend for the evening
· Take a relaxing bath with candles
· Spend an entire weekend having fun
· Save $10/week for six months and take a trip

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