Monday, November 13, 2006


It is a regular working day

As I sit on this chair idly
Molecules in my brain have become inactive

For this moment will become part of memory
Eventually to fade away like light of setting Sun
Escaping this emptyness seems impossible
Longing to have a goal, any goal
Infinite number of ideas springing in mind, but
Numbness of those cells doesn't let them sink in
Gaping, these moments pass one after the other

Lost amid the ocean of meaningless thoughts
Observing my brain waves
Sitting here absentmindedly
To find that goal someday

September 7, 2006


Meera said...

hahahahahhaha :D

Kanan said...

It's not that funny :P

Btw, I am not sure whether you noticed, but the first letter of each line denotes something. I'm becoming a poet like JD now. ;) hahaha! But I know I can't compete with him even if I took professional training.