Friday, November 03, 2006

Entry for November 03, 2006

It is wonderful day today! For two reasons:

(1) Dada/Motabhai/KKJani was born on 10th November 106 years ago. I feel very proud to have him as grandfather. Since quite a few days I have been remembering him and I am reminded of some of the things I knew about him and other things I heard about him from others.

He was very simple man. Lived simple life, ate simple food. That is something I would like to learn in my life from him is to be simple in everything you do.

When he was young, he went to Mumbai for work. When he returned after a couple of years he found out that his grandfather - Ambashankar Jani - had passed away. When Kashiramdada told him that Ambashankar dada did not want him to return back to Mumbai, he decided he would never go back to Mumbai. Since that moment he never set foot in Mumbai as long as he lived.

He was very strict when his children were young but became like a good friend to them as they grew older. As his granddaughter, I was always too scared to go near him when I was a kid but as I grew older, I got to know him more and felt more comfortable around him.

When I think of him, I am reminded of him sitting in his chair and writing with his black-rimmed glasses on. He was a fantastic writer. He wrote articles in numerous magazines and periodicals. Some of them include Jan Kalyan, Geeta Dharma, Ramakadu (kids' periodical), and many more. I am having hard time recalling all of them at the moment. All his writings are sitting in a cabinet at home in Ahmedabad right now. Some of them never been published. Wish I get to fulfill my dream of having them published some day.

Thank you, Dada for everything you’ve given to us.

(2) I found out only this morning that it is also Mukta Ba's birthday today! She has turned 85 today. A very happy birthday to my darling grandmother. I really miss her very much.

An amazing woman is what I consider her. Always stood by my grandfather and raised her children well. Such considerate woman, always doing things for others without saying a word, without any complaints. Never interfering in anyone else’s life unless asked, is something to learn from her. Very tolerant woman who has suffered her share of hardships in life but never let her bad experiences affect her behavior. It is difficult to be such a person.

Every time I eat ice-cream I am reminded of her. She is a BIG ice-cream fan! It is great fun to sit next to her and enjoy those one or two bowls of ice-cream with her. Those moments that I could spend with her when I visited her are truly blessed moments. Wish I get to do that more often and for longer period of times.

I pray to God for her good health. I thank her for being who she is. Thank you, Ba, for everything you’ve given to us.

And a very special thank you to Dhruvamama for sending me birthdates of maternal grandparents, and great grandparents. Dhruvamama, I can’t thank you enough. I don’t have words. It is indeed a beautiful day! Happy day!

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