Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Under his spell - Severus Snape

Five reasons to believe Snape is good (if not nice)

1. Headmaster Dumbledore's death isn't all it seems to be. After he pleads, "Severus ... ," there is a moment of silence, an opportunity for the two -- both skilled in the Potter books' version of mind-reading -- to have a private chat. Snape fans think Dumbledore orders him to go through with it. At this point, the headmaster is already in dire straits, poisoned by a potion of Voldemort's that -- in what seems like a deliberate parallel -- Dumbledore made Harry force-feed him.

2. We still don't have reliable information about why Snape offered to spy on Voldemort, "at great personal risk," in Dumbledore's words. In the Potter books, what you don't know is significant.

3. As he fled Hogwarts, Snape could have killed or kidnapped Harry. Instead, he stopped a Death Eater from torturing the teen.

4. The summer before these traumatic events, Snape saves Dumbledore from a potentially life-threatening injury. Why bother if he wanted the headmaster dead?

5. What's the more interesting plot for the final Harry Potter book: Yeah, Snape is still bad? Or -- surprise, Harry, the man you want to kill is on your side?

[By Jamie Smith Hopkins]

Source: http://www.baltimoresun.com/snape

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