Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Art in Easter eggs

I personally don't celebrate Easter, but have quite a few coworkers who do. My Bulgarian coworkers not only dye(color) the boiled eggs with different edible colors but also play the egg-fight game. So what do they do in this egg-fight? Well, everyone picks out a colored egg from a basket that they dyed earlier with colors. Then people hold the egg in their hand with egg securely inside the soft grip of their fist, and tap the top of the egg to another egg that's in the hand of the other person. This goes on until one person is left with an unbroken egg. Eventually, everyone but one person is left with both ends of the egg broken. The winner is supposed to have good luck for entire year. The eggs are colored using edible dyes - some are multicolored and some are single colored - and left to dry. After the egg-fight, people usually peel, and eat the boiled egg with salt sprinkled on it or the way they like. This year I got an opportunity to capture a couple of dyed eggs on film! Btw, the traditional Easter bread they make is out of this world!

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AmiDA said...

aieeeee they look so pretty!! :)