Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Unanswered Questions

Why do we always remember God almighty when we are down or sad or sick? Brought me back to the words I've heard many times from elders while discussing prayers and their importance. As Sant Kabir says:

Dukh mein sumiran sab kare
Sukh mein kare naa koi
Jo sukh mein sumiran kare
Dukh kahe ko hoy

Why do we forget about the sufferings when we are happy? What is it that takes over our minds at that time? Is goddess Yogmaya so powerful that she makes us forget our own struggles? No wonder all those param bhakta of Gods always ask for eternal bhakti, because that is the hardest thing to do in this mrityulok. When good times come, we forget about the bad times and also forget to appreciate them.

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Kanan said...

Does it mean that if it weren't for our sufferings, we wouldn't pray to God the way we do it then? I wonder...

May be that is God's way to remind us, keep us rooted and in check.