Thursday, January 10, 2008

क्षमा वीरस्य भूषणम्

Ever since the new years, I have been thinking about this one. Why is it hard for us to forgive others? I thought I knew the answer but then I got confused.

Over the years, I have realized that some people have ego issues and they can not forgive people or forget things ever and keep suffering and keep making others suffer because of something that happened long time ago. It is like their ego feeds upon their anger and it just keeps growing bigger and bigger like a huge balloon like rock and all the positive things keep getting buried under it with time.

Then come the expectations. Why do people expect? Specially from others for whom they do nothing? I didn't understand and never have gotten an answer for it but I haven't given up yet.

What I do understand is that it's easier to forgive and forget and move on with life than to hold on to negative thinking about others. Specially since this precious life is very short one and it's just too valuable to waste a moment of it on anything so insignificant.

Self-respect is not something to be mixed up with the ego that I talked about earlier.

I have learned that people who try to break existing relations to make new ones are just jealous of good bonds/relations that other people share. They feel left out and thus try to break relations. And I have learned that it is very easy to break a relation than to make-up a broken one.

So as this new year starts I would like to share this wonderful thought that I recently got to hear from Papu. And I think it's totally brilliant. I don't know about who wrote it or the origin of it.

क्षमा वीरस्य भूषणम्kshamaa veerasya bhooshaNam

Meaning "Forgiveness adorns the courageous."

The uphill journey towards forgiveness is difficult but rewarding, for ourselves, for our peace of mind. I hope I can keep traveling upwards...


AmiDA said...

thanks for sharing :)
i will mark it so that i can read it at times when it seems impossible to forgive or let go of expectations :)

Jigar said...

I wish that I could inculcate myself using such a nice quote. If I couldn't, then it will be my new year's resolution ... :) hehe...

Kanan said...

Thanks, Ami & Jigar. :)

wow! that sounds like a Gujarati movie name just the name order switched.