Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun Week + A TZP Cherry on Top!

This past week has been fun-filled with family and more family! I couldn't have wished for more than what I got as I witnessed yet another decade of this oh-so-exciting life in the most grand way! And the best part of it came quite differently than what I had imagined. I was really wishing to do something special for M&V for their anniversary the day after but I couldn't as the situation didn't permit but then again we decided to do something totally different and quite spontaneously.

We had gone to the temple in the afternoon on Friday and the plan was to surprise them to a romantic dinner at a lovely restaurant that I had picked out weeks ago... but we ended up canceling it all at last minute. Just for a movie, with an awesome company. Boy! are the four of us thankful for it or what!?! We loved it - "Taare Zameen Par". Sometimes it makes me think, what we do is so important and all those deeds leave a mark behind no matter how big. And Aamir Khan is quite good at that, if I say so. The man's brains ooze creativity and he shows it off in a magnificent way each time.

A few days earlier, I hadn't really gotten a chance to check all my emails but I did get a moment to take a peek at Ami's blog and noticed that she had liked the movie so when we had to decide what movie to watch, I suggested this one. M&M cried like I could take a plunge in the puddle of their tears. Poor V was sandwiched between them for more than 3 hours. And we ran out of tissues while in the theater. But I think anyone would do the same who actually realizes what the film tries to convey to the audience. The songs are wonderful but I wouldn't want to listen to some of them while I drive or while am away from mommy.

For me, the best moment of the film was when Ishaan wins a prize for this painting and comes on stage to accept it. Throughout the movie, I did not feel even a single moment that he was acting; this kid has acted so naturally. And the titles at the end of the movie are brilliant. They reminded me of the beginning title song "ek dooje ke vaaste" of "Dil to Pagal Hai" but this was far more excellent than that. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the rest of the audience who is yet to watch the movie but the only thing I can say is, if Aamir Khan does not get an Oscar for this movie, then Oscars will have much more to lose than AK himself. I hope the movie will make more adults more tolerant and accepting towards the kids who are different than everyone else. Three cheers to Aamir Khan!

PS. Did parts of movie remind you of Calvin and Hobbes? To me they did (specially the 3 x 9 = 3) and that made watching the movie exciting for me!

NB. If you do get to check out Aamir Khan's website for this film, don't forget to read the Director's Note.


AmiDA said...

everybody seems to run out of tissues watching TZP :)
i am hopeful for Oscar nominations in the least.. AK and Darsheel sure were at their best!! :)
btw Happy New Year! :)

Kanan said...

Ami, absolutely... I am hoping so too. With Lagaan he couldn't make it all the way to the top for the topic mainly concerned us but this one is global one so I am sure it will make bigger impact, and it has. I can't wait to go watch the movie again in theater.
Happy New Year! :)

chinmai said...

its a wonderful movie .. wid a lot more meaning to it .. amol gupte whos the originator and the researcher of this movie shuld be aplauded more than anyone else ... everyone is special in a way or two.. jus that we ve to find out our special zone.. cheers..

Kanan said...

Chinmai, you're right. I think the idea was brilliant to start with so no wonder Aamir Khan was able to add life to it and make it come true. I am still amazed the way it was directed... specially the first scene of the movie was too interesting, I thought, where Ishan is shown playing with tadpoles in water.