Monday, December 03, 2007

Golden Oldies - an article

It was so nice to read the Golden Oldies article by Hardeep Jandu, Nov 21 2007, a couple of weeks back.

While reading the article, it took be back a dozen or so years when I started feeling the same about Indian music and I still do, just stronger now.

The part that I found most interesting was this one and it conveys my feelings so closely that I couldn't agree any more with the author.


It seems to me that in trying so hard to be forward, Indian film has lost its culture and dignity. Aside from a few rare aberrations, everything is a remix. In trying to be modern, we have gone backwards. We have equated sex and flashing bulbs to moving forward. Forget about lip-syncing! Now, the vogue is just gyrating to DJ-ed tabla beats. What is the next generation going to face?

The fact is that India is a young independent country, though we have inherited years and years of ancient traditions. We can choose how we want to represent ourselves. Our films should reflect the age-old Indian values of integrity and community, values which must be kept for posterity. And, by teaching through example, we can ensure that our children do not only internalize the importance of superficial success and shiny lehengas.

The "modernization" of Indian cinema reflects the fact that India is changing rapidly, but perhaps changing so rapidly that she is falling off track. The era of clean and simple cinematic escapes may be over, but we should still be careful as to which direction our film industry is going. The media produce what we consumers seem to want. Instead of becoming a society that looks for cheap-cheap-cheaper thrills, perhaps we should focus on how to represent India the way she deserves to be represented -- with respect, depth, and dignity.


I really wish there were more people like Hardeep, who actually shared their thoughts and spread the word around so that eventually it can reach to the music directors of today who might think that the music of yesteryears does not create magic any more and is just not as cool as the remixed stuff.

And I was very pleasantly surprised to know that Hardeep is actually a high school student living not more than 20 miles from where I am. God bless you, Hardeep! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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