Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free bug finding for Google

Just something that caught my attention: Google's Orkut allows you to choose whether you want to display your gender on your profile or not, but the new feature of tagging photos just compromised this feature as the new link to person tagged photos gets displayed as "photos of him" or "photos of her". How interesting! ;-)


Urv said...

Aat! :) Maybe u should consider part time bug-consulting :)

Aspi said...

There's a reason I don't hang out on Orkut :( - its the most insecure in terms of outsiders being able to see your info.

In any case, FB has a similar problem - and its annoying because your privacy can be compromised by an unwitting FB friend who just took some pics of you and uploaded them.

Kanan said...

Urv, only if I had so much time in the world. Who’d read the blogs then? :P

Aspi, I realized that much later. I agree about the FB thing. Did you know they started allowing google to display the member profiles with their photos and whatnot? Of course they have an option to disable displaying personal info and photos but it’s freaky sometimes to be on there. I guess almost all of these sites have their drawbacks.