Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Krishna Bhajans

One of the best albums that I have ever discovered! I am not a huge fan of Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh, but I really love this collection of songs and the music. I think there might be more tracks in this but these are the ones I am aware of.

Each and every single one is so divine and makes me feel happy and excited and gives me goose pimples!!!

  • Hey Govind Hey Gopaal

  • Jai Maadhav Madan Muraari

  • Sab Se Unchi Prem Sagaai

  • Hare Krishna

  • Yashomati Nandan Brijvar Naagar

  • Jai Raadhaa Maadhav

  • Krishna Jinkaa Naam Hai

  • Bhajahu Re Man Shri Nand Nandan

  • Hare Krishna

Artists: Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh

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