Friday, March 18, 2011

Adalaj Stepwell (vaav)

Adalaj ni vaav (step-well) is a must-see place if you're in Ahmedabad area. I was fortunate to have visited the place during my last trip there. And whatever amount of time you will have there will not be enough. I know for sure that I'm going back there again. It's less than an hour worth of drive from Ahmedabad and if you leave early in the day, it might be half an hour or so. The place has nice market like thing to hangout at and spend the afternoon or even make a picnic like trip.

It was so much fun to shoot the photos as it was a clear bright day. In India, it's not so hard to find such a time but when you don't get to see that during winter season, it just makes you appreciate it so much.

At the step-well, they don't allow videography or flash photography. There's personnel there to enforce this. They might look like normal visitors but they're actually employees (of Archeological Survey of India? I'm guessing). They allow visitors to take pictures without the flash though so I was really thankful for that. I didn't have more time otherwise I'd have checked out the graves of the workers who created this vaav back in the day (A. D. 1498).

Here's a glimpse to the vaav and the history of it:

Details on the stairs

Details and damaged walls

Jharukho (balcony)

Multiple levels of the well

View from the bottom

Details on the walls

Pillar stacks and walls

Banyan tree (vadvaai & vad)

More photos of Adalaj Step-well.


Anand said...
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Anand said...

cool pics ;-)

Ami said...

Hi Kanan,

I hope you are well! Sorry for being silent for a while.
It was great to catch up on your photos and writing. And thanks for bringing the nostalgia back with such beautiful photos of Adalaj. :)


Stupidosaur said...

been there :)

Kanan said...

Anand, thank you. Glad you liked them. :)

Kanan said...

Ami, no worries, dear. I'm doing good. Thanks. :) Adalaj is truly spectacular! For a moment, I got upset with my cousin for leaving only half a days worth of time for the place as I felt even one whole day would have been less but I'm happy I got to visit nevertheless. I'd love to shoot all that intricate work at dawn/dusk. Plus, there was so much more to see around also.. I'm saving all that for next time now :)

Kanan said...

Dinosaur, that's it? just been there? I demand some pictures from that Camera! :P

Stupidosaur said...

It was when i was too poor to buy a camera, and even more, too young to hold one :P

P.S. : Watch your back! After you generalized all dinos are stupidos, the dinos are sure to get you :P

P.P.S: What if that dino is a morea :P

Sakhi said...

Hey Kanan... you made me nostalgic with those pics from adalaj. How i want to go back to amdavad!! Sigh!!!

Kanan said...

Dinosaur, I don't see any of you guys behind me, yet! :P Btw, I don't like the moreasaur.

Sakhi, happy to know it took you back. I'd love to go visit again also. Thanks for writing :)