Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bollywood songs now at a new level!

This incident reminds me of those reader's digest jokes. This one happened last month while I was in India. My niece, nephew and younger cousins were all going crazy screaming and singing songs in the room next door. Overhearing them, I sat there wondering what food and what person they were talking about while singing "chhee laagi javaani..." (છી લાગી જવાની/will have to go poo/toilet). I chuckled and thought how kids sing craziest things as songs these days. I walk into the room only to find out that it actually is a Bollywood song and a super-hit one at that and goes like this: "my name is sheela, sheela ki jawaani". We laughed and laughed for the coming days singing this new song... "sheela ki jawaani" was never this famous before!


aneri_masi said...

OMG Kanan! That was hilarious!
Tell us more abt your India trip!

Stupidosaur said...

lol better than sayesha's kijwani!

did google know i was gonna think of sayesha?

word veri is eggenes lol

Kanan said...

Kash, haha I know.. I'm sorting out my photos from the trip so will share the highlights as soon as I have them ready. :)

The Dino, hey I don't know about better than Sash's but it sure is the kind that gets stuck in my head for a long time! ;) Hahaha @ eggenes.. it not only figured out the andaas it translated it too. So yea, I totally think google can read minds. Once I was posting this comment about John Abraham and the WV was "biplas" :D