Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plagiarism galore

Now this definitely clears out that writers block. It definitely helps to see the glass half full! But that's not the only thing we're talking about today. It's about blatant copy-pasting that some people do and the lengths they go.. if they put in that much effort in something meaningful, they'd have achieved something significant in life. Here it is, check it out for yourself.

That girl in Yellow has shamelessly browsed around and copy-pasted quality blog posts/contents of posts of so many others including myself without giving any credits to the original authors of the posts. Here are some posts I know are copied for sure:

Original post created Dec 2005:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Nov 2011:

Another gal Chikki who completely freaked out about stealing posts, deleted all of her blog posts: Smart move, Chikki!

Original post created Dec 2011:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Jan 2012:

Original post created Oct 2010:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Mar 2012:

Original post created Nov 2011:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Dec 2011:

Original post created Jan 2012:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Jan 2012 (just in two days!):

Original post created Feb 2012:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Feb 2012 (two posts are fives days apart):

Original post created Nov 2011:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Feb 2012:

Original post created Jan 2012:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Jan 2012:

Last but not least, our "budding poetess" creates a havoc yet again by more copy-pasting someone else's poetry:
Original post created Aug 2011:
That girl in Yellow copy-pasted Nov 2011:

I have a hunch more than 90% of her posts are lifted off of other blogs, if not the entire blog.

Well, Ms. Poonam D, you sure have made yourself famous now and I am sure you will reach your dream reader number of a million pretty soon, but sorry to burst your dream bubble about being read and appreciated by millions like Amitabh Bachchan's is because that will never happen. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is a world famous writer who writes quality posts, whereas you my dear are yet to master the art of copy-pasting. Good luck with that!!


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Thank you so much Kanan. I have reported her to google. Let's take a stern action against this rat.

Red Handed said...

MSM told me about this and actually I feel sad for her. She so badly wants the appreciation of Amitabh Bacchan and the popularity of a world class writer, while she lacks even the character of a writer. A writer knows how important words mean and would never steal something that did not flow out of his own thoughts. Just sad. Now I need to knw whether she found any f my posts good enuff to copy.

Aditi Ray said...

Thnxx so much Kanan !

Sayesha said...

Wow, wow, wow. I still can't believe it. Kudos to you for all the digging! Name and shame is the way to go for such pathetic people.

When I read her statement "I want to be in the headlines even if I write 'Hey' on my blog." I was thinking, "Are you also going to copy the 'Hey' from someone's blog? Not sure if you're capable of coming up with even 'Hey' by yourself..."

Kanan said...

MSM, glad to be of help. It's unbelievable that the poster hasn't done anything about the copied posts yet. I am also going to report her to google now. Thanks for stopping by!

Red Handed, so true! Can't agree with you more. I wish they were little more considerate in at least giving credit to the writers if they're lifting the posts like this. Hoping you aren't also a victim of this.

Aditi, you're very welcome.

Sayesha, it's funny now.. I am sure more posts from her blog are lifted. I ran out of energy digging around. Poor thing seriously needs attention and she actually is getting it. I wonder why she isn't responding. Still hiding under a rock. Ugh!