Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Broken Strings of Friendship

The agony of losing a friend
Eats you up from the inside
For not knowing what you did wrong
They do not care to respond back
Even after you have tried so many times
You have given up, but thinking hasn't
Where was it that you went wrong?
Not being able to find the answer
For the memory of that last conversation
Haunts you forever...
Heart broken and gloomy is how you feel.

July 31, 2007


Hesbell said...

if this really happend to you, im so sorry.
if you wrote this, man thays so sad but true.
if you just found this and put it up, cool.

AmiDA said...

sincerely hope this post hasn't come after an experience, for i know how bad that feeling is..... mending broken friendships is like more difficult than repairing a china shattered in thousand pieces... nevertheless, it is possible!

Kanan said...

Hesbell, thanks for your comment. Btw, the last option is not correct. :)

Thanks, Ami. :) I guess after all there's no better teacher than life itself.

Anonymous said...

It's so true. I have an experience. That special friend of mine who was with me through good and bad times neither wanted to break his silence nor wanted to mend our Friendship. I know how painful it is. Thanks for putting it in words.