Sunday, July 01, 2007

Personality of Himesh

I've been closely observing his behavior ever since the show has started. After the episode where his father, Bipin Reshammiya, made a personal appearance, I think the guy is probably trying to return to his senses. I hate to admit it but I actually admired some of this thinking and values. He said when he was staring out his career and got jealous of success of his competitors, his father taught him to be happy for others' success, and told him that if he ever asked for success from God, that he ask for the same and good for others as well, and never bad. I thought that was very nice, to not have ill feelings towards others around us.

Another instance when he made a comment after Raja Hasan's growing success and popularity was to never underestimate any one. Lot of times we end up judging people around us without knowing much about them. This made me think to pause and think about how I might be judging others and whether it is too soon to do that.

It was nice to see the respect he showed for his parents. When his mother was invited on stage on her birthday June 29th, it was quite an emotional incident to watch. He dedicated his first movie as an actor to his mother by making sure it was released on her birthday. That was sweet.

May be I judged him little too early? I don't know but what I do know is the dude is definitely little crazy at times. :D

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