Thursday, December 04, 2008


Leaves close up Originally uploaded by kananj
It was the second rain of the season that day and a Saturday! I felt like a little kid all over again. Made some cute little boats with paper cuttings. I could recall the regular boat, and the one with a little fin thing at the bottom, but the ship, I couldn't make. It was little too complicated to remember, that I know... in any case, I'm still trying to recall that so if any of you remember it, do share. :) The rain waters here in the US don't make big puddles like they do in India, the water recedes. So it was a little disappointing to see no water under the boat in a few mins, but it was good fun nevertheless. I eventually moved the boat to an empty flower-pot. :P

Boat Originally uploaded by kananj

While making the boats I hummed that favorite boat-making kiddie song in Gujarati that we had as poetry:

chaalo chaalo ne ramiye hoDi hoDi

baapu na chhaapa nakkama thotha
kaapi kupi ne kariye hoDi
chaalo chaalo ne ramiye hoDi hoDi...

(It means, let's make boats together; let's cut up dad's newspapers and other papers to make more boats)

Also got to see so many different snails and shoot them from so close, here's one of them. :)

Snail Originally uploaded by kananj

And some more rain drops on the leaves:

Raindrops on leaves Originally uploaded by kananj

The purple/lavender/white colored flowers that snail was roaming around on, searching for food, I think.

Flowers Originally uploaded by kananj
More rain photos here.


chinmai said...

that was cute.. fun by urself..reminiscising the childhood... :)

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha Ha..
Kanan, that was very sweet. :D

You reminded us of our childhood. And I liked that snail, used to play hide & seek with them.

Urv said...

I never learned to make the ship :(

Mast colorful photos chhe.. :)

Stupidosaur said...

Cute pics.
What are those brilliant colours your snail is walking on?

I used to keep 15-20 snails in a box with grass and mud. Bright yellow and red cloured ones. Picked from my frontyard. I used to water the box regularly.

So when the rains ended, the snails in the frontyard died, with only the dry shells as prrof that they once lived there. But the snails in my box thrived.

Some beautiful occasions were when you could see eggs building up inside some of the snails, lined up along the spirals of the transcluscent shells.

A few of them even laid the eggs. One year tiny little snails emerged from three of those eggs (eggs and babies were all just 1-1.5 mm in diameter.

I remember how to make the ship.
Infact I also know how to make a flat wide boat with a flat bottom and no sail.

Do you remember how to make the Ram-Sita ni hodi double boats :)?

(I don't know how to teach origami in comments :P)

Kanan said...

chinmai, thanks :D it was a lot of fun and I felt like a kid once again.

Cuckoo, thank you. :) I still find the snails so fascinating. I do miss the little frogs though, there's none here. Glad it reminded you of your childhood as well.

Urv, really? I thought everyone did. I did too but have forgotten it now. :( Happy to know you liked the colors. :) thx.

Stupidosaur, well, thank you! Those are little flower plants that snails were on; part of the plant is dead, other is still blooming flowers. I'll upload some more photos for you to see.

So fun story of yours, the neighborhood kids and I used to do that to the big black ants (makoDa) but it was more like annoying them and not nurturing them (I regret doing that now :() but I remember I also used to feed sugar and sweet food to little black ants as well. Isn't it amazing to see these little creatures reproduce and their 'lil ones being born and all.. so fascinating. I remember I loved watching tiny sparrow babies hatch in their nests they built on tube-lights.

You have to tell me how to make the ship and the flat boats. I do remember making them as well as the Ram-Sita ni hodi (joined at their sides so that the both the bow were on same side and both sterns on the other). Didn't know that's what they were called. You just got to tell me how to make these.. cmon please please pretty please! May be I ought to google for it...

Kanan said...

Hi all, I've added more photos of snails and flowers on here. Do check them out. :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Wow, these are all stunning (including in your album), thank you for sharing! I don't know much about photography at all, but drawing is one of my favorite hobbies, and I appreciate how beautifully the dimensions are captured, and how the colors blend through them.

If you haven't already, you should enter the National Geographic 'Daily Dozen' at this link.


Wanderingmind said...

Wonderful pics:)

Kanan said...

theBollywoodFan, thank you! for all the nice words. :) I used to love to draw as a child, may be I still do... but you should definitely share your work with your readers like me who love the art of drawing.

I didn't know of the Daily Dozen; thank you for the link. I will surely send me some of my photos.

Kanan said...

Medha, thank you. :)

Darshit said...

Oh my god,
u reminded me of our very own little Gujarati Poem....
Thankx a lot

And thanks for fabulous photoes...gorgeous..
why dont you put them us as your blog's title bar?

Kanan said...

Darshit, hey! you're quite welcome :) Glad you liked the photos as well. I used to have some of my photos on this template earlier but for now changed it to this other one. I'll surely put up my pics next time around. Thanks for the suggestion and your encouraging comments, of course.