Friday, December 26, 2008

Wishes for Birthdays & Holidays

Yet another exciting year completes today and I have immensely enjoyed it over all despite of the low moments.

Thinking back, I realize that I have learned a lot of good things about myself and others along with some valuable lessons. I have realized that:
  • Life is truly beautiful and a blessing.
  • Family is irreplaceable and times spent with them make very precious memories for life time.
  • There are very special people we might have met for only a few hours of our life but they leave a lasting positive impression and we never forget for the rest of our lives.
  • There is no happiness like seeing people around us happy.
  • We become what our habits make us.
  • Praying to God is the only thing that works when everything and everyone else fails.
  • Whatever happens to us is for a reason and for our own good.
  • Letting go makes us feel much better than holding on.
  • One day we will have to leave all this behind and travel the rest of the journey alone and the sooner we prepare ourselves emotionally for it the better.
  • All the answers we seek are within.
  • You and I are here (in the world, on this planet, in blogosphere) for a reason and we have a positive effect on each other.

As I welcome my next year, I pray to God for the good all around and love and peace for everyone.

A very happy birthday to Avadh, Sneha, Nikila, Pooja MP, and me, along with our dear Salman Khan. :) Yup, we all have a birthday on 27th, except for Sneha; her's is today, on the 26th. Wishing all many many happy returns of the day.

To everyone: Best wishes for the holidays and happy new year 2009!

God bless!


Bhavesh said...

many happy returns of the day and happy new year :) may it be less dramatic than this :)

ceedy said...

Many Happy one day belated birthday :)....

Hello fellow capri.....

hope you had a blast...:)

Kumar Ahir said...

hey Kanan,
many many belated happy returns of the day and wishing you a fabulous new year ahead.

chinmai said...

wishing you a very happy new year and years to come...wish u all the best in life..
it was, this blog, a nice read.. to the point and from the heart..

pooja said...

Wow. Thanks Kanan...that was very sweet! :)

pooja said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you too!! hope you had a good time

Urv said...

Oyye.. Happy belated budday :)

And a happy new year too :)

PS: This template does not allow to subscribe to follow up comments :(

Kanan said...

Bhavesh, thank you for the wishes. A very happy new year to you. :)

Ceedy, thank you my fellow capri. :) A belated happy birthday to you as well. Mine was wonderful, how was yours?

Kumar, hey! thank you for the good wishes. I appreciate it.

Chinmai, thank you! very sweet of you. :) My happy new year wishes for you.

Pooja, you're very welcome. How was your special day?

Urv, thanks man! happy new year 2009 to you. Your wish for the new year has been granted. ;) :P

Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

Be lated happy b'day and happy new year !

Kanan said...

Jaydip, thank you for the wishes, my best wishes to you for new years. :)