Sunday, December 13, 2009


Talked to Mama at length today after so long. It was wonderful. We spoke of so many things, one of them being your values. The things you learn from your parents, the things that you learn/not learn as you grow up (experience life), the things that make you who you are. The thing that makes you.

It is the thing that stops you from doing wrong or permits you to accept that it is alright to do a wrong. Sometimes, they make us realize it after the deed is done. and often never. We often call it "ethics".

Our values are something personal and each of us has a different set depending upon our personal, good or bad experiences.

When two people have similar values, they will get along more than say someone who has completely different values.

Values bring us closer to certain people and they are the ones that take us miles away from the person standing in front of us.

Values make us behave the way we do, when no one is watching us.


Anoop said...

Hi ,
Just found your blog while browsing and just curious, Did you have a childhood friend called Mona Das....

Kanan said...

Anoop, hi. Sorry, the name does not sound familiar to me. So where did you first land while browsing?

San said...

values, golly I just did an whoever assignment on this topic.

Values are very important, but we must not disrespect other ppl values, which may be diff to ours.

Kanan said...

Hi San, true. We should have the tolerance to accept the differences otherwise it only causes us more harm. Thanks for your comment. :)