Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why 3 Idiots?

It's been more than 10 months since I watched a Hindi movie in theater. So 3 Idiots it was! More of my thoughts on the film below.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
Please do watch the film, it's worth it if you still haven't seen it.

10 Things I liked about 3 Idiots:

  1. Sharman Joshi's acting - his emotional scenes and comedy ones were great. How he took the jokes about his family lightly and didn't let them affect his mood. How he was not afraid to speak the truth about himself. His love and respect for his family. The scene where he gets the job. The scenes where he appreciates Rancho and his ways. This guy makes you fall in love with him because of who he is at heart.
  2. Aamir Khan's acting - where to start? I think he portrays it in his character - go after perfection and success will come to you. 400 patents! (okay, that was a bit unrealistic but it's forgiven for you can't improve perfection :D) Go Aamir! Loved his dialog in the beginning where in introduces "aal izz well" and tells about heart being fearful in general and that it needs to be fooled. Did you see how cute he looked at the end in glasses?
  3. The message it conveys about our schooling system. Ratta lagaofying - rote memorization isn't the only thing, it is the understanding of the subject that is needed more than that.
  4. The message it conveys about expectations of parents and teachers from students. That it is about what one truly enjoys doing than to do what earns more. That grades aren't everything.
  5. Kareena's charachter Pia and her acting - how she is all that a girl is - silly, confused, adorable, cute, lovable, caring and strong. Loved the scene where she finally confronts her father about her brother's death. The scenes where she disagrees with Rancho and is upset, but listens to him nevertheless. How she acts when she has to do a doctor's job: deciding about Raju's father's condition, her sister Mona's delivery, etc.
  6. R. Madhavan's acting - the scene where he convinces his dad and also when he and Raju frantically search for their college pal/roommate Rancho. He looks oh-so-handsome, specially with this geeky-glasses look as well as macho-mustache look!
  7. Omi Vaidya's acting - this dude can truly act! He was annoying and made everyone mad... even in the audience. It was hilarious when he receives a call from Wangdu. His best scene would have to be the one where he gets upset with Rancho and Farhan about messing up his speech on Sept. 5. Also him honking the car horn loud to disguise his farts was hilarious.
  8. Millimeter's character - scenes likes when he knows exactly what ViruS is going to say as well as the one where he gets tipped by Farhan and he returns the favor by suggesting they wear good underwear tonight. He reminded me of Bholu from Hungama.
  9. Boman Irani's acting - only he could have done justice to the character of Viru Sahastrabuddhe. Well, may be Paresh Rawal would have but he did it! The guy came across as the oh-I-hate-him disciplinarian who thinks only his ways are the right ways. He was the most annoying when he makes Raju write that letter and then when he refuses to give an extention to Joy for his project. Also, when he gets upset with Rancho when he tries to tell him what's wrong with our education systems.
  10. The little things: The inventions at Wangdu's school in Ladakh and the long drives to Shimla, Manali and Ladakh. Oh, these places are gorgeous!!! I also liked the font used in the titles - as if it was written on blackboard with chalk. :) The way the shirts/clothes of three boys were color coordinated. The songs and music were nice too... my fav songs are "give me some sunshine" and "zoobi doobi".

10 Scenes that made me laugh out loud in 3 Idiots:

  1. A drunk Pia (Kareena Kapoor) describes Gujarati food items - dhokla, fafda, handwa, thepla, khakhra, etc. What was the dialog? Something like "Bush ne Iraq pe do dhokla gira diya" as if they were missiles. :D
  2. Chatur Ramalingam/Silencer's speech where chamatkar became balatkar and dhan became stan. The Sanskrit shlok was just outrageous!
  3. Raju forgetting his pants when he frantically leaves to meet Rancho and his wife's reaction to it.
  4. Farhanitrate and Prerajulisation scene along with how an induction motor starts and not to forget "aap ko pata hai hum kaun hai? hamaare naam, roll numbers?" and they mix up their papers with the rest in stacks, and then the not-so-simple definition of books.
  5. Suhas (Pia's fiance) comes out of his room in robes and fluffly pink slippers looking for "kaun phere le raha hai?"
  6. The ragging dialog "tusi great ho, jaahan-panaah". Well, most of the times, but I think they overdid it a bit in the beginning. Reminded me of "dola re dola re" ragging scene from Munnabhai. Chatur being James Bond ha-ha-ha funny.
  7. Raju and Farhan come with Rancho to Pia's place at night where he is going to propose to her and Farhan removes the alphabets from the name plate and makes it "ViruS buddhe".
  8. When Farhan, Raju and Rancho invite themselves to Pia's sister's wedding and Rancho spills chatney on shoes of Pia's boyfriend.
  9. When Raju and Farhan try to flush down the ashes of Shamaldas Chanchad in toilet and real Ranchhod tries to save them.
  10. When the man (I forget his name) shaves off Virus' mustache because Raju got a job and he comes home feeling naked. Reminded me of my fav film, Golmaal (1979) and Bhavani Shankar's world-famous mooch.

10 Things I didn't like about 3 Idiots:

  1. The name of the film
  2. Virus' phone call to Joy's father and his suicide
  3. Raju jumping off Virus's 3rd floor office after he forces him to write the rustication letter
  4. Virus' attitude and beliefs and discipline (of course, this is a major role and it contributed a lot towards the story blah blah blah, but still...) Him telling Joy how he was back to work the next day after his son died.
  5. The peeing (it was too much) and undie-showing
  6. Rancho and Farhan breaking into Virus' office to steal the exam paper
  7. The delivery scene - it wasn't needed
  8. Pia agreeing to marry Suhas after what all happened? That just made her look stupid.
  9. Many scenes were similar to scenes from other films and that made them kind of not-so-original. e.g. Farhan running out from the flight/airport reminded me of "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na", the graduation scene at the end reminded me of the drawing competition scene from Taare Zameen Par and there were many more scenes like this.
  10. The butt-chairs, okay I guess they aren't so bad, but I couldn't find the last item to add here so... :P

I leave you all with this fun video of a cricket match between the cast and crew of 3 Idiots. Enjoy!


JD said...

Most undesirable part of the movie was that last delivery scene .. Probably just to make things emotional at its peak, it was been kept.

Bugs! said...

uthaamam dhadhat padam
madham padam thuchuk thuchuk
kanishtam thudthudiya padam
sur suri pranak ghatak

:))) hahahahha

Ambuj...thats all ! (mail me anytime at said...

the paper stealing one was important..had that not happened ..they wouldn't be rusticated..and no baby delivery...and no virus being was also in the book..

Ambuj...thats all ! (mail me anytime at said...

and also 400 patents isn't that much for a very smart and great inventor which rancho was in the movie..highest ever is 400 is ok..i guess.

Kanan said...

JD, so right you are. I thought that created the most awkward moment of the movie. They could have used some other way to convince Virus that Rancho wasn't so bad.

Bugs!, hahaha! thanks for sharing the Sanskrit shlok, it's hilarious.

Ambuj...thats all !, may be so, but it just defeats the purpose of showing the true character of Rancho then. I haven't read the book but from what I read around, they didn't follow the book that closely. I think all of these incidents just went on to prove who Virus was.

Hmm.. 1811 patents! wow, that's a lot. Thanks for the info. :)

theBollywoodFan said...

Nice lists, Kanan! I agree with some of what you didn't like, particularly #s 3, 5, and 8. Rest were okay, at least we could tolerate.

Hope you're having a great start to 2010!

Kanan said...

theBollywoodFan, thanks! :) Glad to know you do agree with some of the points. :) Happy 2010 to you!