Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hiking Fern Canyon Trail

Fern Canyon Trail is located in Russian Gulch State Park in coastal town of Mendocino, CA. I got to hike this trail during the last weekend of December on my visit to Mendocino/Fort Bragg.

Fern Canyon Trail

This is the trail that takes you to the waterfalls in the park. The trail-head is near camp site 30 and initial 1.6 miles are paved trail that you could ride bicycles on so technically wheel chairs and strollers can also go on them. After that, comes the tiny picnic area from where the trail splits into two, both sides leading to the same waterfalls and making a big loop. The left side of the trail is 0.7 miles one way to the waterfalls and is a bit more rigorous than the right side one, which I believe is somewhere around 1.5 miles one way. In total, we did about 2.3 miles of hiking one way.

The best thing about trails with waterfalls on them are the reward you get at the end of the trail for hiking all the distance because the view is totally priceless. This trail was no different.

Fallen fern-covered tree trunks surround the water falls

It seemed like it had rained either the previous night or earlier that morning so the entire park was drenched in shiny water droplets and the mossy trees were so green I didn't want to leave the park.

Moss-covered Trees on the trail

We started around 1 pm and were back to the parking lot around 4. I wish we had time to do more hiking in the same park. There's a really nice bridge right at the entrance of the park that potentially had ocean views, but lack of time didn't allow me to make a stop there to take photos. Gotta save some stuff for next trip! ;)

Hike date: Saturday, December 28th, 2013
Accompanied by: MJ, RP, Nikon D5000

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