Monday, December 30, 2013

Random thoughts

Yet another year is close to completion and yet another year older. Wiser than before? I hope so. ;) Smarter than before? Definitely! It's at this time I feel most thoughts colliding in my head than the entire year added together. May be it's the year-end.

Praful uncle stopped by for dinner the day before my birthday and it was perfect because we had an entire evening filled with philosophical discussions and I got to ponder on so many wonderful thoughts that it made me feel so very eternally grateful for everything and everyone in life.

Some of the thoughts he shared that caught my attention were outrageous and others quite thought-provoking. Here are the thoughts in a random order.

Your experiences in life are your only guru.

"Nobody" is blissful. "Somebody" is miserable.

The explanation that went with this was about being someone vs. being no one. I could be a "daughter", "sister", "friend", "wife", "mother", etc. When I am that somebody, only at that time it's possible for me to feel miserable. If I am "nobody", then I am, or will always be blissful.

If someone makes a mistake, be there for them. 

Nobody can ever make anybody happy.

You can not waste time to make anyone happy. Try to make yourself happy. 

If you are happy, then you will be able to spread that happiness / will be able to pass that happiness onto others.

Love yourself.

One of the topics that came up was where is the soul. To explain, pointing at cell phone Uncle asked, "is the sound in the phone or phone in the sound?" I said the latter. And it turned out to be true. He explained. When we speak, the atmosphere enables the sound to travel, meaning that the sound is already there. Phone ringer is the detecting mechanism. Then he matched the analogy to the soul question. Soul is omnipresent. It's everywhere. The human body is the manifestation of it. That's how the soul gets expressed, if at all that terminology can be used for soul. It was an interesting analogy and thought.

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