Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Facts & Info about Mauli Dave

I've been getting many requests for info about Mauli so here goes (information comes from various sources):

  • She is 19 years old.
  • She is daughter of Hemant and Dipti Dave, sister of Omkar Dave, and granddaughter of Mahendra & Sumati Dave and Shankar Dave.
  • She is studying in 2nd year of college at University of Houston with 'Graphic Communications' as major.
  • She has done 'Rangapravesham' in Kuchipudi classical dancing in the year 1999 at Ahmedabad. Mauli learned Bharatnatyam from her mother Dipti Dave.
  • She was finalist in 'Boogie Woogie, Chalo America'. dance competition organized by Sony TV in the year 2003.
  • She choreographs Indian Classical dances and teaches with her mom Dipti Dave.
  • She is very tall; her height is 5'11", Beautiful, with passion for Singing, Dancing, Acting.
  • She sings live during 'Arangetram' of Dipti's students.
  • In August, 2006, during participation in NRI Antakshari organized by Annu Kapoor, Mauli's singing talent was much appreciated by all the visiting members from Mumbai. Annu Kapoor expressed that she has lots of potential and deserves better platform.
  • She wants to become playback singer and desires to have her music video album.
  • In January 2007, Mauli won Miss Teen India Texas at India's 58th Republic Day on Janurary 28th 2007 at Stafford Centre, Houston, TX.
  • Mauli, with her brother Omkar had her first Bhajan album (CD) titled "Prabhu Tare Pagathiye" released in September 2006. The bhajans are in Gujarati and have been comoposed by Omkar. The music arrangement is also by Omkar. Mauli, Omkar and Hemant have provided vocal. The recording was done in June, 2006 at studio Mrudang, Ahmedabad.

    Currently, Mauli is in Mumbai busy with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa program recordings.

    Mauli turned 20 on June 3rd, 2007. Happy Birthday Mauli! Wishing you all the success and happiness. May God bless you.


    Anonymous said...

    You can watch mauli's video on http://www.suckoobai.com

    bhavik said...

    hey mauli,
    you sang very well, but mahaguru had not given perfect judgement.

    I am your fan & well wisher .

    Best of Luck

    Bhavik Joshi From Gujarat

    Jai Ambe

    Anonymous said...

    i am big fan of mauli,reallly u r toooooooooooo goooooooood,i wish u u r win saragama pa,i pray to god for u

    Anonymous said...

    Apart from a great performer and singer...U R HOT!!!

    aLL tHE bEST!!


    Thatgirl said...

    Check out India Abroad for a great article about Mauli! :)

    Anonymous said...

    she is just an average singer with a limited range and lot of competition-experience. so she is playing her cards well.

    Chakravyuh decision was completely partial.

    jack said...

    Hei Mauli,

    You are proud of Gujarati, you keep it up. You deserves Cheverolet Spark in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. At the age of 19 your achievement is too good. Your performances are very live and you know what people want. All the best. You are winner. I am Kaushik Joshi from Baroda.

    anil said...

    hey mauli babes,
    apart from your maiyya maiyya and rasia from mangal pandey none of your performances have been at par with your competitors. Watch out coz you were saved due to high trps generated by you maiyya maiyya and a ttotal partial judgement by ANANDJIBHAI under the influence of all GURUS. Watch out babes theres POONAM from ismails darbars gharana. Shes gonna get you down from where u started coz shes fantastic. u are just and average singer but your looks makes the peoples imagination go wild coz u r a hot property. But SINGING SORRY NO CHANCE BABES. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Mauli,

    Some people are referring to as you got lucky with Anandji judgement and Poonam is better singer. Just ignore them. All it matters is that you are best singer and performer and no one is near you to give any competition. For people who are saying mauli can only sing a particular range of songs, ask other singers who only sings love and sad songs to sing Mayya Mayya or any other item song. They cannot.... what about their range. Mauli you are exceptionally talented and unique in the sense that outstanding singer in any reality song that I have watched until now.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Mauli (Woof)
    you are really a great Performer and a Good Singer,, Wishing you a Good Luck for the Finals,, and yeah As Himash has said you should Sing the Songs which are made for you and only you,,,ones like Maiya Maiya and Rasiya,,,guess not only me but all others living Abroad are Proud of you KEEP IT UP !

    Anonymous said...

    well i'd just like to say that you do have a good voice, but being from US you should know a little more about the fashion trends here. I mean it does look kinda wierd if you wear glasses on the stage, which you'v worn severaal times. not to be stingy, just a suggestion. adios

    Anonymous said...

    MAuli can be a good DJ at a party or Dandia. Beyond that she will be another singer who sings a couple of songs in the same genre and forgotten, just like the overrated Himesh.

    Personally, she is way overrated.

    Lastly, folks should get a little bit mature when the qualify someone by communities. It just shows our collective class as Indians. We need to move up from here.

    Vrnda said...

    i think you have amazing potential as a singer... and i know you come from a musical family... as you are related to sanjeev uncle and nishi and bhageshree... (uncle was my singing teacher) you sing well and i hope you all the best.. amazing job for representing those indians who live in america but strive to live the indian dream :).. we all are rooting for you.. and kick ass

    Devashish said...

    Dear Mauli,Hi!
    You have a magnefecient and friendly attitude.Definitely a person with good morals and virtues.Several ppl here like,love,admire and enjoy your songs that you sung at SA RE GA MA PA.As an individual you are thoroughly focussed and a Gem who's getting her talents furnished day-by-day and
    scratch-by-scratch.Do keep performing splendidly and improving on them more swiftly than ever before.
    All the best for your future prospects.
    With best wishes+prayers,
    Cult Fan.