Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Maiya Maiya" by Mauli Dave on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

So it was day before yesterday on 5/4/2007 that Mauli Dave who happens to be my second cousin made a BIG bang in front of some of the top composers of our Hindi film music in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. She was absolutely fantastic and sang the "maiya maiya" song from film Guru very beautifully. I think her singing even topped the original song, which is actually sung by three singers - Maryem Toller, Chinmayee, and Keerthi. It was great watching the expressions on the faces of the judges while she sang and their comments were very pleasing. As Swati says, what a way the judges gave her a standing ovation!

Mauli! You've made everyone really proud. Congrats to you! All the hard work you and Hemumama & Diptimami have put shows in your performance. Way to go!!

Watch Mauli Dave at YouTube:


aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa
jo neel samandar hai (2)
main ret ka saahil hoon (2)
aaghosh mein le le, main der se pyaasi hoon

(ek taara raat ek todi chand ki
chaahe to chum le tu todi chand ki) (2)
ek chaand ki kashthi mein har paar utarna hai
tu halke halke khenaa dariyaa na chalke

maiya maiya gulabi taaren chun le taare chun
maiya maiya yeh jism ke dardon mein parden mein naare sunle
maiya maiya are hey hey hey hey
mai mai maiya are hey hey hey hey

jab neel samunder jaage aaghosh mele karta hai
lehraataa hai aur masti mein mehtaab ka chehra choomta hai

au au au...
(maiya maiya gulabi taaren chun le taare chun
maiya maiya yeh jism ke dardon mein parden mein naare sunle) (2)

vaalidaaaaa... ishta
vaalida vaalida maaraa (4)
jharmar barse jharmar barse jharmar barse mehulo (4)
vaalidaaaaa... haan


mohan said...

Fantastic!! Our support from North Carolina to Mauli. What a refreshing change from the regular Bollywood stuff ...

Pooja said...

I absolutely fell in love with her. I hope she goes far into the competition.. im sure she will because the others are not even close to as capable as she is. best of luck for her and she has our support from DC.

Me said...

I am in love with her. Heaven is raining success on her. Superlative. I have never heard anything like this before..