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Mauli Dave of Texas, USA has been selected for "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - 2007

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Mauli Dave of Webster, Texas, USA has been selected for "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - 2007" Z-TV competition. This is a very popular talent search program by Z-TV network. On behalf of our USA and Global Nagar community NAGAR congratulate for her selection and convey the best wishes for her shining and victorious performance through out the competition.

Mauli Dave is daughter of Dipti and Hemant Dave, and sister of Omkar Dave. We had published news of the release of Mauli and Omkar's first bhajan album a few months back. Click at the link below for more detail on this:
http://www.nagar.org/community_news/2006/09/omkar_and_mauli_dave_release_t.htmlwith a more detailed report at:

Mauli is already in India for the competition. The show will start telecast the episodes from 4th May, Friday in USA. This show will be twice a week on Friday and Saturday at 6.30 to 7.30 pm central time.

Please watch the show and support Mauli.

Update: Mauli Dave of USA secured her place in Bhapi-da's team by defeating one of her USA challenger
Mauli Dave's outstanding performance last night in the first round of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - Challenge 2007" music competition touched the heart of all the music gurus judging her performance and the rock the audience. She secured her place in music director Bhapi-da's team by defeating one of her rival from USA.
All the music gurus which are the judges for the competition of the show rushed to greet her on the stage after her performance and openly appreciated her outstanding performance, and blessed her for her very bright future in the industry.

Please click the link below to see her live video, if you have not watched her live performance.


Mauli...Keep it up...May our lord Hatkesh bless you!

NAGAR request to watch all episode of the show every weekends and support Mauli Dave.

Please send your support to Mauli through this website.

Source: http://www.nagar.org/community_news/2007/05/mauli_dave_of_texas_usa_has_be.html

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