Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Emails in MS Outlook have Gray Background!!

Emails in my MS Outlook have turned gray all of a sudden and I am pulling my hair out because it's very hard to read them now. Finally, after banging my head on wall for some time, I figure it out. It appears that Microsoft came up with this! *jeez* Why do they have to make people's lives harder than they are?

This appears to be happening when the email is formatted as HTML, and not text.

Any message that has any sort of formatting applied to it (fonts, colors, etc.) now appears with the gray background.

Guess why?

I have "Use Windows colors" option unchecked in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, and the background color default is gray on there. And that is also affecting e-mail display in Outlook. LOL

Only these guys can be so great to do such thing. OK fine I agree that they made this ridiculous option, but why in the world is default background color set to gray instead of white? Don't you guys ask potential users or real users before implementing new features? *sheesh*


Kang & Kodos said...

Just wanted you to know that I had that same stupid problem and no idea how to fix it until I stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the info!!


Kanan said...

Ed, thank you. Glad my post was of help.

Alex said...

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Kanan said...

Alex, hello! thanks for sharing your experience and suggestion. Appreciate it.