Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer

The schools would have started back then
All the new students heading to their new classrooms
Students wearing new ironed crisp uniforms and brand new shoes & socks
Students with new bookbags and newly covered books and blank notebooks with personalized name labels
Brand new pencils and compass boxes, yup that's what we used to call them
Smiles on faces and excitement to meet new classmates, new teachers
Only cheers and chirps would be heard from them
Specially after spending a relaxing summer with families and eating ripe mangoes in burning hot weather...

That's how they used to be. Not any more.

There are none of those reminders
So Yahoo guys have to put up a sign on the main page
Announcing it is the first day of summer
A pitiful life, so technical life has become
We have everything except for time
Time for ourselves
Time to take a minute from what we are doing and smell the roses
To look outside the window to see what season it is
To experience those two moments with mother nature
To enjoy those simple pleasures of life that don't ask for money but just a moment from us to give us the world

This is how we welcome summer... today!

June 21, 2007

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