Sunday, June 03, 2007

Santosh aka Satisfaction

sarpaaha pibanti pavanam na cha durbalaaste
shushkaihi trunaihi vana gajaa balino bhavanti |
kandaihi phalaihi munivaraaha kshapayanti kaalam
santosha eva purushasya param nidhaanam ||

Translation: Even though the snakes drink (breath) air, they are not weak. The elephants eat dry grass and still are strong. The rishimunis eating roots and fruits for survival. Indeed, satisfaction is a man’s greatest wealth.

I really like this shubhashita because it gives the most valuable lesson of life. Specially the last line of the stanza says it all. We as human beings are always running after one thing or the other without realizing the value of what we have. We blindly just go after physical pleasures of life and do not stop to smell the roses. I have noticed this in myself and also in others around me. Someone talks about food and our mouths start watering. This is the first place to start the work from. The power is within us to destroy that creature inside us that keeps chasing after these physical happiness. The five indriya (sensory faculties) and the indriya nigrah (control over the senses). That is what will help us further in the path of life to reach that eternal destination where we all are seeking to reach some day. What a thought.. to let go of these things around us so that one day we won't have to be sad when it is all gone along with this physical body.

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