Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Himesh Rosh-Miya

Today I'm in Himesh-bashing mood.

Himesh Reshammiya's gone berserk! or may be he's born with it. ;-) I didn't watch Challenge 2005 so I am not familiar with his history with this kind of behavior but this year he's totally gone bonkers. The guy is always ticked off for one reason or the other, grinding his teeth every time someone thinks differently than him and trying to prove his point to other judges that nothing is more important than roti. Moreover, he has talked about this Vinit guy so much I will have to google him up to find out more but if he says he gave a big break to Vinit, where is this Vinit today? How come we never hear about him? No offense to the kid but this guy ruins the reputation of these potential Singers with his attitude. I thought it was bad to find out he was Gujarati, but wait there's more... what could be worse than this? This sirfira is from Bhavnagar!! *yikes* Why in the world does he always wear a hat? Looks like grumpy's gone baldie too. hehe... Oh and what's up with his pronunciations? It's called genre, not gyonre. Hahahahaha! now that one took the cake. The worst is yet to come... this guy plans to open music schools throughout India. God save Indian music and Indian musicians!

Check out Himesh without a hat! :P

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AmiDA said...

he earns my grudges equally ;)
total crap, he is!