Friday, August 08, 2008

Only for Him

As she left home, she couldn’t stop thinking about him... "how will my day pass without seeing him?" She felt depressed.

She remembered how she didn't shower all day (when she knew she won't eat without taking a shower/bathing first) because she was getting to watch him all day.

She even kept fasts for being able to see him, for a few more weeks, even days.

She thought once again, feeling so desperate "when will I see him again?" She couldn’t hold her horses.

She got all upset with her friends and everyone else she met that day because she thought she would see him at 1 PM, but other things and other people kept her from seeing him, yet again. She thought may be at night she will get to see him, if not now. "oh god! how long would you let this go on day after day? Only if I didn't have to be away from him..."

She took a deep breath and sighed and only hoped she had remembered to press that one button before she left home.

While sitting at the desk that afternoon, she missed him the most. She remembered how she had clad herself in a white saari, didn't put on any make up (even being the make up freak that she was) and didn't put on any jewelry for a whole week, because he almost died.

While driving back home, she thought: "oh heavens! how much more do I need to wait? Now I just can't wait to see him... just once more" and prayed to God.

She got home quite late after mid-night without any energy for anything but him.

She got in, threw everything she had in her hands, rushed to the TV, turned that DVR on happily realizing she didn’t forget to press that REC button, only to watch him yet again on her favorite desi soap-opera that she had recorded from her favorite cable channel. Until the next morning.. she thanked and prayed to God for "long live Ekkta Kkapoor and her clan".



Solitaire said...

haha! Sounds like me after watching an aamir Khan movie!

Kanan said...

Hahaha Sol! Don't tell me you're THAT crazy for AK.
This was once upon a time me... say about 10 years back and for Chachi of "Happy Days" and of course for those "I Love Lucy" shows and after that reruns of Beverly Hill 90210. I worked very hard on that addiction. Then recently saw someone go gaga over Zee TV and other channels and that drove me up the wall. :|