Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten Things I Like about "Hera Pheri"

  1. How easily the film portrays the bitter truth of life that every one of us have our problems, things that worry us, and still life moves on.
  2. The honesty and innocence portrayed in Baburao Apte's character.
  3. How Ghanshyam and Raju fight but still love eachother.
  4. How simple the romance is between Ghanshyam and Anuradha.
  5. Kharagh Singh's acting
  6. Manager (Asrani) has just convinced Anuradha to go after Ghanshyam to soften him up, she climbs up on the bus behind him. The guy at the bus stop (Snehal Dabi) thinks he is some dalaal and tries to get him to find another raapchik maal for him.
  7. Babubhaiya's love for santra/khambha/sharaab.
  8. The song "chhana-chhan-chhanaana.. jab bhi koi haseena main dekhoo..." and everything about it - the hummer, the ferrari, the sand-surfing, the horse-back riding in ocean water, the rugby-like sport, the beach boys, the cute-chubby-Mamta-Kulkarni-like actress and of course oh-so-handsome Akki!
  9. The fight/action scene at the end of the film, specially when Babubhaiya's gun fires off.
  10. Kabira's sidekick (Razak Khan) saying: "the end, sir!" at the end of the fight.


Jaydip Mehta said...

You have really put first thing first ... "How easily the film portrays the bitter truth of life that every one of us have our problems, things that worry us, and still life moves on." this is what had striked me when watching this movie for first time ...

Aspi said...

Wasn't this the movie in which Om Puri can't seem to get into the cab without knocking someone else out? I loved that for some reason.

Kanan said...

Jaydip, that's impressive. It didn't hit me until quite recently when I was discussing about the philosophy related to this whole film with family members. We all love the film for that and more. Thank you. :)

Aspi, you got that right! It's that same scene. :D

Nikesh Rathi said...

Nice post.

I may differ here and there on points 2 - 10, but the first point is bang on target!

While looking into the humor of it, we often forget to get the underlying theme of it all, the things that led to hera-pheri. And those are really thought provoking!

Well said!

Kanan said...

Thanks, Nikesh. You're quite right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

ajith said...

This film is a remake of a malayalam movie.Everyone thinks they are substandard ,but they have got some nice comedies.

Stone said...

cute-chubby-Mamta-Kulkarni-like actress = her name is Kahkashan :-)

Kanan said...

Ajith, thank you for that info. I had no idea. I agree some of those non-Hindi films are superb! I've only gotten a chance to watch a couple of them until now. I should look up for more recommendations in that film category.

Stone, hi! thanks a lot for that info. After you said that I googled for her name and also found out she's actually Patel, a Gujarati. How cool... she doesn't even look that Indian to me actually.